The unique fertile soil in the south of China. It has been the main grain producing area in China since ancient times
Rich farming experience will eventually contribute to the cultivation of local organic barley
We have conducted planting tests of four kinds of barley in 2019. It includes two kinds of 2 rows barley, one of 4 rows and one of 6 rows
The first distillation experiment of local barley was carried out in 2020
Northwest bank of Dong-Ting Lake, Hunan Province, China
It was the largest freshwater lakes in China since ancient times and is still the second largest freshwater lake in China
This photo was taken beside the distillery is the first-class drinking water source protection area
and that is the water we use for process water
Traditional Scottish pot still shape, wash still is onion shape and spirit still with a lamp shape
Made of 100% China pure copper, Equipped with a  variable proportion direct firing heating element with steam heating pan and coils
All stills was designed by the founder and made by his hands for one and a half years
All design is based on the experience of making single malt whisky from 2014 to 2019
Mainly 1st fill and 2nd fill Bourbon casks
Rye casks. Sherry casks, few STR red wine casks and Virgin oak casks
Mongolian oak wood casks and trying to find more possibilities of Chinese characteristics
We formulate our own standard based on the Scotch Whisky standard
In this standard, our requirement is that the minimum maturation time is no less than 6 years
We do not expel there is excellent whisky of low maturation time in our casks to surprise everyone
But we expect to demand our pursuit of quality through the obvious sincerity of setting a minimum aging standard of 6 years
In other words, the first 6 year-old Chinese single malt whisky which we are satisfied with, will be released for the first time in 2022